S.L. Madden's Upcoming Titles:

The Shadow Without 

     There are creatures all around us, hidden within the shadows.
     Unseen things.
     We may think we see them out of the corner of our eye, but we convince ourselves it was nothing. A mere trick of the light.
     They're real, and they're attempting to infiltrate the human race.
     But there are those who can see them, who have stared directly into their blinding white eyes. They are our only hope.
     This is a tale of revenge and the struggle for power.
     This is Leonard and Megan's story.


     All good things must come to an end….
     Night has fallen upon the town of Averton, OR, bringing with it the creatures who dwell within. Scattered, the members of Team Monster Force face their own struggles, leaving Wendy Mitchell on her own.
     When the fabric of reality separating the world of humans and demons begins to thin, Wendy finds herself forced to make a decision that could alter the very course of humanity.
     Assuming the human race survives the night.

Here Is Our Agenda Through The End Of 2016

Once a Stranger

SF Romance

       Kevin Waiks’ days of global play-boying comes to an abrupt end when his last family member passes away.  His grief over the loss of his older brother is short-lived when the family attorney informs him the terms of the family trust were changed. Kevin will only receive a meager six hundred a month allowance, and if he doesn’t reside at the cabin at Lonesome Lake on Baker Mountain, WA, the 7,000 acres will be turned over to the government. Kevin has loathed and feared the place since he nearly drowned as a child. He only remembers there was something in the water that paralyzed him with terror.
       Two reasons convince him to live on the mountain: Five generations of his family have owned the property; he can’t afford to live anywhere else.
       He decides he will live out his life in relative seclusion and never look back.
       But he will not be alone on the mountain.
       Aiwyn has been awaiting his return since the night she rescued him from the lake.
       For both of them, love is about to take them on a transcendental journey of discovery.

Swagon Drorn  

Book 2

Kingdom of the Damned

YA Fantasy

     People by the thousands flock to join the magical children. They are driven to swear allegiance to the newly sworn King Eric and Queen Emily because of rumors there are monsters sweeping across the ravaged northern regions of the Midlands, leaving a trail of carnage and blood in their wake.
     The Murder is already inundated with responsibilities.
     The people demand too much. There is too little food. Too little patience.  

     A fracturing of trust spreads among the gifted eight. During a fierce battle with werewolves, each come to realize their powers are failing. Again and again their abilities are tested as they continue the long journey north through Cattawyn, an assortment of strange creatures attacking at every turn.
      And then there is Cattawyn Castle, itself, and the horrors it shelters....

Among Us 
Science Fiction

Based on a True Story

Mickee Madden's Upcoming Titles:

Reality's Door

Romantic Paranormal Suspense

       David Ritter is on the verge of botching his career as an F.B.I. field agent. Alcohol has been his best friend for far too long. His superiors can’t risk ignoring his problem anymore.
       One case grants him the chance to redeem himself.
       Unfortunately, it involves his estranged wife of six years. Their separation was bitter, the reunion impossible for him, not so much so for her.
       Gerri Ritter, a famous psychic, is suffering from retrograde amnesia after a supposed suicide attempt in her car. The case she was working on has baffled the F.B.I for thirteen years. They are desperate to keep her close. No one, not even Gerri now, realizes she had tracked the criminals to their hideout prior to her accident.
       They know who she is.
       They know where she and David live.
       And they are closing in, unaware that David and Gerri are already dealing with yet another psychopath under their roof.


Supernatural Romance

       Three months after her husband and dog are killed by a hit-and-run driver, Dallas Langston struggles to rebuild her life. Having moved to Longview, WA seven months ago from New Hampshire, she has no family and knows only a few acquaintances, none of whom she feels comfortable enough around to unburden her grief.
       Her loneliness is harsh, but realizing someone is watching her and getting into her house is...deadly.
       Dallas suspects her neighbor across the street, John Austin, is responsible. Without proof, the police can do nothing.
       One morning, Dallas finds a two-week old calico kitten lying in the street. Little does she know how little Callie-O will impact her life, how even in death, her beloved cat will protect her and lead her straight into the arms of the one man who truly deserves her love.

Of Dragons Born

Reddak Locc Series

Book 2

Epic Fantasy

Mickee Madden's Upcoming Titles:



       As the onset of war approaches, Elfins, Faers, Gargoyles and Humans flock to Magus Reddak Locc. Only some of the errants oppose his authority in the name of their absent king, Brodin, who Reddak considers a mere nuisance. That is until Britin and Brodin’s most guarded secret alters the man he once believed himself to be.
       Racked with excruciating pain from an incurable poison in his blood, discovering the people he cares about are not who or what they seem, and learning of a centuries-old conspiracy to wipe out his bloodline, physically and mentally breaks the young magus.
       Reddak not only doesn’t have the strength to stand against the sorcerers and their armies, he has lost the willpower to resist the dark foreboding miasma rapidly seeking to claim him.

Slow Thaw

Supernatural Romance

         After two bad marriages, Johnnie-Kaye Hayden is decidedly happier being single, free, and independent. Her two businesses are thriving and she’s about to embark on the long-awaited renovation of her home. But things take a turn for the worse when a close friend deserts her at a cabin at an old abandoned mine in Monticello, WA.
       And if that isn’t enough, someone finally arrives, Kristopher Mattieson, her first husband, who it turns out is the actual owner of the property.
       The years have not softened the animosity between them.
       A freak blizzard and something stalking them in the surrounding woods, traps them inside the small cabin.
       Their love was not strong enough to save their marriage.
       But only love can give them the strength to survive the unknown that is closing in around them.

       Seventeen-year-old Katie's sole goal in life is to get away from the Mother before she can no longer contain her silent rage at the abuse she has endured. When a co-worker, Lillian, offers to take her in, Katie jumps at the chance and is packed and gone before the family knows what hit them. But when Lillian's daughter, Mary Jane, convinces Katie to move to Hull with her, she discovers there is something far more terrifying awaiting her. 
     Without a job and without her own transportation, Katie is trapped. As if Mary Jane's weird and volatile actions aren't enough, there is the strange ball of light in the sky that follows them everywhere and no one else can see.
       And now something is trying to get into their apartment....

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